Academy for female pupils 2021

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Lydia Lanzl, Subproject A6, giving a short introduction of additive manufacturing methods

Academy for female pupils – 2021

The CRC 814- Additive Manufacturing started a successful initiative within the scope of an academy for female pupils to raise their excitement for technology. The CRC 814-representatives visited the Gymnasium Eckental and offered a 3D-printing workshop. Therefore, a presentation introduced the pupils into the world of additive manufacturing, which they could then try out in a practical way. The pupils passed the whole process chain of additive manufacturing. They designed their own virtual models in a CAD program, digitalized parts, which they created beforehand, in a 3D scanner to gain the 3D data being the basis for AM processes. With 3D printers the parts were directly printed.

The 3D-printing workshop offered insights into the world and technology of additive manufacturing and is an excellent and practical way to gain young female scientists for an academic career.