Review: Industrial Colloquium 2019

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Review: 7th Industrial Colloquium in December 2019

On December 12, 2019, the seventh Industrial Colloquium of the Collaborative Research Center 814 took place in the Marble Hall in Nuremberg under the motto „Additive Manufacturing: From Powder to Multifunctional Components“. The event presented the latest findings in the field of powder- and jet-based additive manufacturing processes in the metal and plastics sector. Highlights of the 2019 Industrial Colloquium were the latest results in the field of quality assurance of plastic powders, innovative process strategies for the manufacturing of multi-material particles, multi-material components as well as the processing of particle-filled powder systems.

The event program was completed by outstanding presentations by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Barcikowski, coordinator of the Priority Program 2122 „Materials for Additive Manufacturing“, Mr. Kleylein (Brose Fahrzeugteile SE & Co.) and Ms. Jüchter (Heraeus Additive Manufacturing GmbH). The industrial colloquium provided an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge between experts and operators from industry and academia.