Subproject A5

Subproject A5

Selective laser beam melting of composite material for lightweight structures

This subproject investigates the processing of alloys of the EN AW-6xxx group using laser beam melting into prefabricated parts. This requires a fundamental understanding and control of the solidifi-cation conditions. Using spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging, the real temperatures are meas-ured, spatially and temporally resolved. Using diffractive beam forming of the laser beam intensity profile, the temperatures and thus the solidification conditions are controlled. Furthermore, the influ-ence of nucleating agents is investigated and the microstructure is adjusted in a defined manner.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmidt

Project Leader A3, A5, B5

Institute of Photonic Technologies (LPT)

Gumpert, Fabian

Researcher Subproject A5